Seeing the world from a different perspective

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Seeing the world from a different perspective

It has been almost four months since I moved to Thailand. Going abroad can be quite challenging especially if that country is across the globe. But it was quite clear for me that I did not want to stay in Europe as it is personally still too close to home. I want to feel the excitement, while at the same time having this fluttery feeling in my stomach because of the unknown. I have been through this experience plenty of times and every time it still makes me appreciate it. I am actually going to do something that makes me feel this way, which means it is outside of my comfort zone. Stepping outside of my comfort zone is something I try to do as much as possible as it helps you to learn and understand things that are unknown to you.
Fast forward to the present day, where I am sitting in my office, which is located in downtown Bangkok. I couldn’t be happier with my internship and my experience here. I have learnt already so much and with the remaining two and a half months left, I will still learn a lot more.
I am also a second year Honors student with a passion for the challenging myself. Together with our course director we have come up with a plan for things that we would like to do while abroad. Quickly we agreed that we should focus on our own development and set up challenges for ourselves.
As you can imagine, the challenges are not always the easiest and sometimes we might need a little extra push to go out there and do it. One of my challenges was to learn Thai. Well technically it is not really a challenge, as I am really into languages and living for a period of time in a foreign country, you should at least learn the basics. After some initial struggle of finding a proper language school, I started with some private lessons, as course lessons were only offered during the day (which is when I am at work). But I couldn’t be happier with it, as it really pushes me to go as fast as I want to and within three lessons I was able to count, to talk to people about purchasing things, greetings, families etc. So it was a great decision for me.
Some might ask why I want to learn Thai, as I am only here for six months and no one even speak Thai. Well let me tell you, first of all Thai is a wonderful language, quite beautiful and secondly, how can you really understand a culture, if you haven’t even learnt their basics in communications?
For the following weeks I have some other challenges planned, and even done some others. For everybody still sitting at home and doubting whether they should do it or not, JUST DO IT!

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  1. On the WhatsApp group you showed us a brief example of you speaking Thai. I would love to see this also on the site Coline.

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