Run Julian, Run!

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Run Julian, Run!

What I always wanted to do consistently is working out in the morning before breakfast and school/work. A couple of times I did it one or two times, but I immediately stopped in the third day. But why? Mostly I felt too cold in Germany, expecting a temperature of 0 – 5 degrees in the morning. Being too tired was never the reason. Although I am always motivated to finish thethings I have started, there was the exception of running in the morning.

There are several personal reasons for me to face the challenge again in Florida. Beneficial for me is that the temperature will not stop me to exercise consistently in the morning. Although I work out approximately 5 times a week, I would like to test the morning runs if they may enhance my health condition. Engaging in morning workouts may be like my new all-natural cup of coffee. Those runs can be a tremendous source of energy, something I may need to start my day. But beyond that, morning exercises could improve my focus and mentalabilities all day long.

The first time a started with this personal test was at the beginning of December after having a consultation with Mr van Duivenboden. The first trial went actually better than I expected. I got up at 6.30, was in good mood and checked my phone for the forecasted temperature. It was 22 degrees in the morning, the best weather you can hope and expect for a run in the morning. Well, being outside. Like always, I needed to set a certain aim I wanted to achieve with the run. My personal aim was to run 3 km within 12 minutes. However, I was not able to reach my desired time in 12 minutes, but in 12 minutes and 45 seconds. I was not upset, I was rather happy that I made the first experiment.

It cannot be argued that morning workouts will also enhance my personal discipline. It may develop to a habit when it will be related every time, but in the beginning, it is hard to be consistent. Therefore I decided to figure it out in an experiment if I will feel better, have a sharper mind and if I will enjoy the new lifestyle.

The second and third day were as similar as my first day; being motivated for the challenge and trying to run 3 km within 12 minutes. Still, I was better than on the first day (12.25 and 12.38) but still, have not achieved my aim. On the fourth day, I really wanted to achieve to increase my running pace to achieve the 3 km in 12 minutes. Waking up in the morning, I immediately noticed that I was pretty hungry. Should eat first or run? I was sure that I will not reach my goal with an empty stomach.

Therefore, I decided to slow down the pace on the fourth day avoid any circulative problems. The week after, I awkwardly faced the hunger every morning. Four times I ran at a slow pace and the fifth morning in the secondtime I invested all my power to reach my personal goal… Unfortunately, I was at 12.05 which is by far better than the first wee

In the third week, I decided to split my run by splitting the 3km in 3 x 1 km to be run within one minute. The first 2 km I achieved the goal to be under 60 seconds, but in the last trail, I never made it under 60 seconds. I continuously repeated this method every day after having finally reached 3 x 1 km in 60 seconds.

Since January 6, I switched to reach 3 km within 12 minutes every day. Today, on January 30, I am glad to exceed my record to run 3 km in 11.46 minutes. In general, it was easy to implement to my lifestyle, only the second week was very exhausting as mentioned above. Running in the morning refreshes my mind every day. I feel more focused on tasks at work, in sportive activities but also more concentrated on persons I have conversations with. I hope the cold whether in Germany will not force me to interrupt my ‘personal challenge’ which is part of my lifestyle at the beginning of the new semester. Unfortunately, I will not experience the warmth and the outstanding sunrise in the morning. It will be challenging to keep going on these uncomfortable weather conditions.

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