Personal learning question

The Conscious Business Challenge

Personal learning question

All participants of the Conscious Business Challenge work with an individual learning question during each year.

A learning question helps you to find unexpected insights about the one important issue you have today in your life.
By making 1 learning question, and taking it along during the year in everything you do, you will recognize your own behavior and become aware how things are for you and why related to this 1 issue.
Why do this? The nice thing about a personal learning question is that the “answers” you get during the year are in many cases unexpected. You build a new perspective and become aware. This is interesting and helps you on the path to self-knowledge and self-leadership. This is a proven method to step into┬ádeep personal learning through experiencing.
This is completely different than cognitive learning from books.

A Learning question is:

– Positively formulated.
– Does not have proverbs or qualifications like “more”, “less” “better” or comparisons.
– Is about you personally, so no cognitive stuff like learning French or so.

Examples of learning questions:

I want to learn to communicate
I want to learn to believe in myself
I want to learn to open my Heart
I want to learn to open
I want to learn how empathy feels
I want to learn to be spontaneous
I want to learn to unleash myself
I want to learn to be mild
I want to learn to be friendly

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