Dealing with setbacks and struggles

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Dealing with setbacks and struggles

Going abroad is already scary on its own. If you encounter certain struggles, while being abroad and on your own it is even worse. For example what if you get injured? What if you lose your phone or worse your credit card? These are all things that need to be considered before you leave home, so that you do not stand in the country, and haven’t even taken care of health insurance. From my personal experience, I have always gotten quite lucky while traveling and living abroad. I have always only had a minor cold so a quick visit to the doctor could help with that. However this time when I went abroad I had a bigger issue. Before I left home I had a minor surgery. It looked all well and the doctor gave me the okay to travel abroad. It should all be fine, he said. Well, guess what happened? It wasn’t fine. At first I thought okay maybe it just needs a bit more time to heal, but when the pain got worse again, I couldn’t wait any longer. I went to the doctor and I got another infection. It was at a point where she said that I will have to have another surgery. 

When she told me this, a million things went through my mind. How am I going to pay for it? How can I do this all on my own? What if something goes wrong? Etc. I have always been quite independent, however it is nice, especially if something like this happens, to know that your family is there for you, and that they can hold your hand in the worst times. Well unfortunately I did not have this luxury. But luckily the staff at the hospital was great. They even had a German-speaking staff member who tried to comfort me, and at least when it is in your native language, it is not as scary anymore. 

For Thailand I can say, if you are afraid of the quality of the hospital, in most of the major cities they have international hospitals with staff that speaks your language and the service is really good. The hospital itself feels almost like a 5 star hotel from the looks of it and price wise would be the same as the general hospitals back home. So even though this experience was scary, I could have not wished for a better service. 

Another struggle that I encountered during my time abroad was the dealings with my student loan. I did have some savings before I left and luckily I would also get some compensation for my internship. In addition to that I get a student loan every month. However this time while going abroad, they made a big fuss out of it because I moved to Thailand so there are different regulations etc. To make a long story short I ended up with not getting my money until 5 months after I left. You can imagine if you only get an equivalent of 500 euro per month, that it gets tough during times. There was a lot of frustration involved but in the end I managed it somehow. As some well-known people have said before, you always have to see the bright side of things.