Dare to take the opportunity

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Dare to take the opportunity

After finishing my second year at Saxion, the Netherlands, I decided to study abroad for about 4 months at Ferris, Michigan, the United States. I, an Asian girl, have never ever thought that I could go that far and have the opportunity to develop myself in such different education systems.

When I came to Ferris, I coincidently joined the American Marketing Association (AMA). It was such a great opportunity for me to get to know new people, who have the same interests as well as to join their community projects. AMA is a marketing association with about 30,000 members. It has 250 collegiate chapters and 76 professional chapters across the State. I joined AMA Ferris, which was awarded as one of the top 10 AMA chapters. 

I recognized it was a great opportunity to get more access to the marketing field. Therefore, I participated in many activities like Adopt Campus, Cedar Point Fundraising or Resume checking, Career Fair. I had learnt a lot about American culture via those activities. Besides, In November and December, there were regional conferences occurring almost every week. During the conferences, many competitions happened, combining with workshops for students who do not join the competitions. I thought if I did not try, I would never know how I am. Therefore, without any experience, I registered to a Marketing Strategy competition. It came out that I got the second place in this competition!

That competition helped me define myself better. Before that occasion, I did not know what field of business I should focus on and what kind of internship I should do. Then I knew that I am good at Marketing Strategy, therefore I was looking for an internship in that field. As a result, I got my desired internship so far.

So, you will not know if you have not tried 🙂 Go for it!