Challenging yourself to grow

The Conscious Business Challenge

Challenging yourself to grow

The hardest thing about going out of your comfort zone is it to actually make it work. Too many times we keep saying things off, like working out or eating healthy because we think, oh tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I can do all these things. But in the end, tomorrow never comes.
Therefore if we want to make a change, we have to start doing it right now. We have to put a continuous effort into it, to actually make it work. Did you know that you have to do something for longer than 21 days, before it actually sticks into your routine? 21 DAYS! That is three whole weeks that you have to continuously do whatever life style change you want to have before it becomes normal for you. But, let me tell you that after these initial 21 days, everything becomes so much easier.
I am not saying that you won’t struggle to work out after 25 days; I am saying that you will not have the thought of quitting as much anymore.

Another good challenge would be to wake up early every day. You can decide for yourself if you also want to stick with it on the weekends, but if you do so, it will be much easier the next Monday morning when you start your week again with an early wake up.

I do like being challenged during the program because it is so easy to implement it to whichever extent we want. The bigger challenge is, to keep oneself motivated. If you build up a group of friends that support each other in the process, you can motivate each other. Instead of telling yourself that you will work out tomorrow, your buddy will challenge you and tell you, let’s do it! Afterwards you will feel so proud of yourself because you actually did it.

Sometimes we just have to overcome our own fear and anxiety of what could be or what if. We have to change our mindset in the way that instead of questioning everything, we speak through our actions. Get up and do something about it. You feel unmotivated? Just think about how proud you will be once you have achieved your goals. Image the look on the faces of others that did not believe in you. But you did it. And you can be so proud!