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The Conscious Business Challenge

Dare to take the opportunity

After finishing my second year at Saxion, the Netherlands, I decided to study abroad for about 4 months at Ferris, Michigan, the United States. I, an Asian girl, have never ever thought that I could go that far and have the opportunity to develop myself in such different education systems. When I came to Ferris,…
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Don’t talk to strangers

Do you remember going to the playground at the age of ten with you friends? Putting on your clothes especially for playing outside and as soon as you would walk out of the door your mother would say: ‘Remember to not talk to strangers!’. I’m very sorry to say mom, but that is exactly what…
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Run Julian, Run!

What I always wanted to do consistently is working out in the morning before breakfast and school/work. A couple of times I did it one or two times, but I immediately stopped in the third day. But why? Mostly I felt too cold in Germany, expecting a temperature of 0 – 5 degrees in the…
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Dealing with setbacks and struggles

Going abroad is already scary on its own. If you encounter certain struggles, while being abroad and on your own it is even worse. For example what if you get injured? What if you lose your phone or worse your credit card? These are all things that need to be considered before you leave home,…
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