Nepal 2019

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Nepal has a lot of youth that is living in a orphanage or on the streets. With the “Conscious Business Challenge” program, we are able to change this for 12 young adults.


We need to raise 42.700 euros. We will do this by organising different events, which you can find at the bottom of this page.


With the money we will go on a trip to Nepal to do a quest track. But most importantly: the 12 young adults will be able to go on this same guest track and besides that they will have a 1-year-follow-up programme.

A few things we are organising

To gather the money we need, we are organising all kinds of activities. Are you interested in sponsoring or do you want any of these activities for your company? Please read further.


There will be an auction at the Airport of Twenthe in Enschede where we will have a variety of products and services to auction.

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Special beer

We are brewing an exclusive, special beer. Are you interested in this project and do you want to buy this beer please click the link below!

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Consultancy project

We will give advise based on the opinions of students that will be valuabele for different types of companies. 

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There will be a carwash at parking lots of companies and stores to raise money for our goal.

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We will have a party for students at Tabula Rasa in Enschede. There will be food, drinks and good music to dance to. 

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Our sponsors

With a big thank you to these companies!